Simorgh is a mythical bird in Iranian literature. Si + morgh in Persian mean 30 birds. Attar (The twelfth Century Persian Mystic) tells the story of a group of birds that flying to Mount Qaf, in search of Simorgh which is believed to live up there. They have a long and adventurous journey, and at the end only 30 birds survive and reach Mount Qaf. But, there was not Simorgh there! When they (30 birds) looked at themselves, they saw Simorgh (thirty birds) and when they thought about Simorgh, they saw themselves (similar a Simorgh application).

Simorgh application is a set of objects, pointers, data and commands that are independently placed in Sardines. Sardines in applications are similar to files and folders in computers; they keep access information such as size, location, etc. Using different type, number and arrangement of Sardines and their access methods would enable us to construct a structured application very similar to classifications of large number of files in various folders. Each object turned into smaller parts and each part is placed in its Sardine.