Simweb is a structured web where the information rapidly and with high speed will be produced and managed and the security of communications has been improved enormously.

Internet is a collection of interconnected computer networks and the World Wide Web is an infinitely larger connection of interconnected documents and contents, and they are not the same. Simnet is a collection of computers that are connected to any network (like internet, mobile, Cloud ...). It is a dynamic network and each time a user connects to the network, Simnet will be expanded, and every time a user is disconnected from the network, Simnet is shrunk. In Simnet, users can keep the documents, applications and content in their devices (laptop, flash memory, mobile ...) and they can connect to the Simweb when they want to share them with others.
Simweb is a structural connection of interconnected documents, applications and contents in Simnet. In Simweb you can protect your private data from unwanted access and search, and you can share only your public data with others.
There is no web without internet, but in Simweb the storage, management, dissemination of documents and content organized between clients.
Simnet helps Sardines to connect to other Sardines and SANA to create a network of Simorgh applications (Sindokht).