Simorgh networks

Simorgh structural networks is a collection of people that connected to each other with defined tools to allow the sharing data and applications. The Simorgh network is created by the manager and expanded by members

Unlike the Internet where a page can be accessed globally, Simorgh network is a private network for a corporation or organization that only those with permission can access. That computer cannot be accessed outside of the local network unless given permission through the manager. Imagine that Simorgh network is an island in a huge ocean and there are thousands of other islands like this.
Communicating in the island means that they have privacy. People of other islands cannot see the other island members what to do. In the each island
members also can create profiles, share information such as photos and quotes about themselves, and respond or link to the information posted by others. Members can be anything like a person, a task, an object, another Simorgh network or a group of interconnected Simorgh networks.  
In each Simorgh network members can protect their private data from unwanted access and search, and they can share only your public data with others.
Simorgh networks can connect with each other and create a larger network