What is Co-OS?

The SPL applications cannot be directly executed on hardware, and must be interpreted by the Co-Os application at run time to be executed. SPL seeks to find a compromise among a purely compiled language (with no portability) and a purely interpreted language (that is significantly slower).

 Co-Os is an application interface that eases communication among OS and Simorgh applications and fast processing executed by CO-OS too.
So SPL applications are portable on any OS and machines.

Co-Os is an application interface that eases communication among OS and Simorgh applications based on "C" language.
Simorgh Co-OS is a platform-independent execution environment that converts commands into Simorgh codes. Simorgh source code files (files with a .sim extension) are compiled into applications (files with a .trb extension), This can then be executed by a Simorgh Co-OS interpreter. At present, Simorgh Co-OS exists for windows, but it can be produced for any other operating systems like UNIX, Macintosh, and Symbian.
"wsim.exe" is a Co-OS which communicates between Simorgh applications and windows. Simorgh applications in another operating system like Linux or Symbian is just efficient to execute its Co-OS instead of windows Co-OS, then these applications will be executable in the new environment without any need to change.
Simorgh for more portability tries to reduce its dependence to any OS, for this reason, Simorgh uses its own fonts and drawing tools, direct connection to internet, etc.
For example, the Co-OS need to show a loaded image that has been converted from that external format into an internal format. After all processing on image, data is placed in an array and then this array is directly sent to screen (connection to windows with using BitBlt [4] command).

If an application needs to have speed for executing some commands, it sends commands to Co-Os to be executed (compile mode), otherwise commands are interpreted by Co-Os.
Portability of Simorgh applications is an advantage, so we can say that Simorgh applications are “Write Once - Run, Debug and Re-program anywhere “model.