Making Program

This level can be classified lower than mid (like c language) and higher than low (like assembly language). In this level the main, systematic applications and objects can be produced. Syntaxes in SPL are one byte in length, although some parameters require some numbers to be added to them.

Simorgh is symbols based programming language. There are not separate levels with different syntaxes. The same basic syntaxes serve at multiple levels (as in Lisp [6]). You can write Simorgh programs with any text editor (program that lets you edit standard ASCII text files). Unlike programs written in C++ and many other languages, Simorgh programs do not compile to codes that can be executed directly. Instead, paste objects in the Sardines and then compile to “Simorgh code” can be executed by a native Co-OS. This level of SPL similar to Java.

Figure 1 : Making program

Example 1: Opens a file and reads a string, then shows string.
A0 [sample] // filename
A1 [r+b] // read and write in binary mode
@0 { // open file
R0 @2 // read text    
   @1 // close file
S0 // show text

Example 2: Loop and if
A0 [] // reset A0 variable
D20 // start loop for 20 times
A0 17 w= { // if A0 is equal 17
R0 [Hello World!] // set R0 variable
S0 // print “Hello World!”
O25 // end of loop
A0+= // increment A0