The Student Version

The users of the SPL's Student Version are the youth between 8 to 18, who will be able to program their courses' requirements through SPL without any previous programming experience or knowledge.

In addition to the usual format of programming, the programming can be presented in the format of Story books, Animations, Games, and etc. The students will program their course activities such as homework in their mother language without any concern on having programming knowledge. They are able to produce professional and error-free programs using the visual format of SPL. Using mother language for programming greatly improves the students understanding of the algorithms behind the applications.

The students' applications, in addition to mathematical, logical and graphical operations, are able to connect to the network, use and be used in databases, work with other files and share and be shared independently throughout the Simorgh Platform.

Figure 5 : Sample code

The time for programming an application through SPL is very short, the program is coded as an Open Source code, and the possibility of reusing and integrating existing applications will significantly reduce the necessity for coding.

The basic programming commands such as conditional functions, loops, moves, operating on files, connecting to the Internet and etc. will be at the users' disposal. Each application is programmed as a page of the electronic notebook of Simorgh platform (Simnote) which could be joined to the other pages of the notebook. The applications could be edited or completed by another user (if authorized) and be presented with newer features and functionality.

The library functions in SPL help the students who experience programming through SPL, understand the logic and strategic behind the concept of the courses such as mathematics, physic, chemistry, and etc., analyses the problems systematically, look at the problems from different views and replace the superficial learning with creativity and deep understanding.

Students will deliver their homework with a lifetime learning goal in a shorter time with a higher quality. Programming with SPL, Students experience an entertaining studying period which let them to look at learning as a personal interest rather than a social obligation. The students who program with SPL learn how to bring their creativity in a work group to experience a teamwork attitude.