Coding in Native Language

SIMORGH is a None-English based kids programming language to help students coding in native language to be able to learn to think creatively, reason systematically and work collaboratively

 Simorgh have provided an environment for K-12 students to learn computer science through block and text programming.SPL has been invented with the aim that non-technical people would be able to produce their own portable applications which can be written in their own native language. These applications can be combined together to create large and interconnected applications.
The main advantage of SPL is to build applications that are capable of communicating with each other without additional programming.
This feature of SPL helps Simorgh applications to share objects and their possibilities. Hence, programming with SPL is simple, quick and concise.
SPL can randomly generate new type of objects without human intervention that will be used in Simorgh applications.
With SPL, a new generation of applications can be produced by other applications even without using programmers as well.
SPL(The student version) helps you to program Simnote pages for collecting, organizing and sharing digital notes and interactive Simorgh programs.